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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a divine journey that brings an astounding change in the life of the explorer.

Nepal Tour Package

For the last few years, Nepal has been in the bucket list of most of the vacationers for its natural beauty.

Muktinath Yatra Package

Muktinath Temple is a sacred place both for Hindus and Buddhists located in Muktinath Valley at an altitude of 3,710 meters at the foot of the Thorong La pass, Mustang district, Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Tour

Everest Base Camp Trekking heads into the Everest Region in the Eastern part of Nepal and is popular trekking area.

Nepal Buddhist Tour Package

Boudhnath and Swayambhunath are the major Buddhist attractions for any tourists or pilgrims visiting Kathmandu.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Philosophy & History of Kailash Parvat & Mansarovar Lake

All the great thing has an even greater history behind it, whether it’s a historical Human being or a historical monument or a natural existence. So do these significants thing has something to recollect from the past and so does the great Kailash Mansoravar. Sitting at the center of great Himalayas catching all the attention, this prestigious mountain has a chain of histories related to it in 4 different religions. All the four religions which are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Bon religion have momentous stories related to the pristine Mount Kailash.

With the Hindu mythology, Mount Kailash has treasure of significance, importance and acknowledgement, whether it is the Purans or the Vedas. Kailash Mansarovar is considered to be the home of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati along with Devtas, Ganas, Yakshas, Yogis, Siddha Purushas and Gandharvas. It is said that Shiva the lord of destruction and regeneration sits at the peak of the mountain and meditates there. As per the Skanda Purana, Supreme Hindu text, Kailash Mansarovar is Supreme Mountain where Lord Shiva resides and thus the name Kailash Mansarovar came into being. Kailash means the mountain where God Shiva lives and Mansarovar is the holy lake where lord Shiva and Indra swam as Swans.

Narration based upon the Hindu Mythology, the lake Mansarovar was first created by Lord Brahma in his mind, after which it was materialized on Earth. Thus in Sanskrit it is known as ‘Manasarovar’ which is the combination of words ‘Manasa Sarovaram’ which means ‘mind’ and ‘lake’. The lake is also known for its summer abode for Hamsa or swan. These birds are considered as sacred in the Hindu Dharma and an important element in the semiology of the Region, representing wisdom and beauty. Another story from Hindu mythology describes the origination of the lake Mansarovar in a completely different manner. According to the ancient scriptures, the hand of Sati fell at the foot of the great mountain creating the pristine Mansarovar Lake. And thus it is considered as the one of the 51 Shakitpeeths of Sati. During summer when the snow melts, it generates a sound of a kind. People believe that it is the sound of the drum carried by lord Shiva. Also it is said that the Neelkamal or the blue waterlily blooms and looks only in the direction of Mount Kailash during this time.

The lake Mansarovar is exhibited as the purest of pure, if one drink its water it is said that he gets cleansed of his sins committed over a hundred lifetimes and he go to the abode of Lord Shiva itself.  It is also said that during the early hours “Amrit Vela” 3 to 5 in the morning Lord Brahma and the devas descends on the lake to bathe and thus the hour is considered as spiritual and known as Brahma Muhurta, Brahma’s auspicious time.

The Majestic Hiill Kailash is not just known for its peculiar shape or hugeness, but it is symbolized as the spiritual centre of the Earth. As found in one of the descriptions in the Puranas, Mount Kailash is the centre of the world and its four faces are made of crystal, ruby, gold, and lapis lazuli. It is known as the pillar “Stambh” of the world with a height of 84,000 leagues and is located at the heart of six mountain ranges symbolizing a lotus form i.e., lotus bud and petals all around. It also believed that the four rivers flowing from Kailash which are the Sutlej, Brahmaputra, Karnali and Indus divides the world into four parts. Also the rock-cut temple Ellora in Maharashtra is named after Kailash and many of its sculptures depicts the stories of Shiva and Parvati, including the incident when Ravana tried to shake the great Kailash.

This symbolizes the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Parvat expounds the philosophy of Shiva and Shakti i.e., Purusha and Prakriti. The radiant Silvery summit is the throne of Truth, Wisdom and Bliss-Sachidanandam. The primeval sound ‘Aum’ by which a person connects to Lord Shiva the most is formed by the tinkling anklets of Lalita Prakriti or Adi Para Shakti.  The mantra Aum formed by Adishakti created the visible patterns of the universe and the Vibrations from the feet of Shiva weaved the essence of Atman - the ultimate truth, in this universe. The spreading resonance and limitless patterns constitute the grosser forms of all matters to accurate scale. This is the cosmic rhythm showcasing in millions of forms by the devotees. The silvery mount is the apex where the sound and the lights merge and the true Yogi transcends both these and merges into Aum. Mind is the knot which ties consciousness and matter together but all these factors are set free here at the Parvat. The Parvat and the chant AUM along with celestial philosophy of karma and history of our existence is the heart of spiritual survival and civilization and the grand Kailash Manasarovar reflects the total Shiva Awareness and existence.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Thailand Vs Nepal as a Tourist Destination

Nepal and Thailand are both pocket friendly tourist destination with lot of client friendly holiday locations and amenities for budget & Luxury travellers but that is where common ends. Nepal is all about Himalayas and Pilgrimage spiritual locations where as Thailand is about Jungles & Beaches
We share a comparison with the average expense across several categories.

Nepal Tour

This comparison of travel costs between Nepal and Thailand examines average prices across multiple categories. Please visit each country's individual budget page for more detailed information.

Comparison                                    Thailand                              Nepal

Average Daily expense                     $70                                          $25
Hotel/Hostel                                      $35                                          $15
Food                                                  $15                                          $8
Water                                                 $105                                        $0.5
Local transport bus/taxi                    $15                                           $2
Entertainment                                   $18                                           $8
Alcohol *Hard drinks                       $7                                             $5                                           

 Nepal is more budgeted Destination with its own Destination USP and Products to cater to tourist interest.

Nepal Holiday Package
For inquires please fill booking form on our website www.nepaltourism.net

Monday, 4 November 2019

India & Nepal: Rich Amalgamation of Culture, History & Nature Between two Countries India & Nepal

Overview: Cultural, historical and natural highlights of these two remarkable countries. Famous Simly "Roti Beti ka Vyavahar Rishta" meaning we share a strong bond where we share family & intermarry association.

Nepal Culture Tour

Nepal and India are lands of quite diverse and spectacular culture & have a vast gulf between past and present with equal ambivalence. In the prevalent scenario where we have media overload with chunk of publicity by various countries still both the countries are able to attract travellers with their own persona of culture, diverse natural flora and fauna & mountains all around combining beautiful architecture.

Usually the showcasing is presented with the India's capital where we embark our journey with the Palaces & architecture marvels of Mughal India and Colonial era. We will also explore the medieval marvelous architecture of Gwalior and Orchha & the most famous carvings of Khajuraho & magnificent architecture of UNESCO SITE of Bhimbetka cave paintings & Best of Stupa at Sanchi . We cannot forget the flowing water sanctity of Varanasi & historic Lucknow. Here after once we enter into Nepal we pass by abundance of wildlife at Chitwan & before entering into the capital city of Kathmandu we visit the magnificent Annapurna Range Valley Pokhara with beautiful Lakes following by the Himalayan Ranges at Nagarkot/Dhulikhel.

We can say this is an excellent tour which has vast ambivalence of past, present and future with culture, history and natural highlights. 

Indian Culture Tour

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Nepal Family Tour Package

Nepal Tourism package organizes tours with all major attractions within Nepal. It covers all major tourist places and tourist attraction. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan and Nagarkot are them. Guest who are planning for a long vacation in Nepal, this Nepal Tourism Package will be an ideal choice for them.

You will enjoy the major part of the Kathmandu city with popular ancient temples and world heritage sites. You will also love the beautiful sunrise and sunset view with beautiful Mountain ranges from Nagarkot. In addition, you will visit Pokhara, 200 km west of the capital Kathmandu. Which is one of the most popular destinations for tourist in Nepal? You could enjoy some adventure games like Paragliding, bungee, zip-flyer, rafting , Annapurna helicopter tours at Pokhara. Boating and Bicycling are the other attractions of this city.

Nepal Tourism Package Highlights:

All our tours are private and customized.
World famous Jungle Activities in Chitwan National Park.
Visit Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini 
Explore Adventure activities at Pokhara.
Cultural and heritage sights in Kathmandu.

chitwan tour package

Three out of the ten highest mountains in the world are situated nearby Pokhara which makes a magical vacation for you. At the top of the Sarangkot hill you will see Sunrise view, Mountain View and the Pokhara city’s landscape view. Adding Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha, in this tour package will make your trip a lifelong remain-able. After seeing mountains in Pokhara, you will visit the birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini. During your Lumbini tour, you will visit Japanese and Chinese stupas as well as popular Ashok Pillars. Mayadevi temple and the sacred pond are additional attraction during your visit.

Your next destination will be Chitwan national park, which is popular for its Jungle activities. There are two ways to explore the jungle. One is Jeep safari and another is Elephant back safari. Beside jungle safari, one can experience the Tharu village tour, Canoe ride, Elephant Breeding Center and cultural program. On the way you can also experience the cable car ride to visit Manakamana temple.

For more details please visit this page https://www.nepaltourism.net/tour-in-nepal/kathmandu-chitwan-lumbini-pokhara-city-tour-7-nights-8-days or for the tailor made customized packages fill the query form on our website www.nepaltourism.net or call us on 0091 9810098099

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Visit Nepal's Famous Temples with By Nepal Tourism Package - www.nepaltourism.net

Nepal is rich in religious and cultural legacy. It is also called the house of Gods & Goddesses. Many national and international tourists find their way to some of the major spiritual sites of Nepal. The most beautiful thing about Nepal is that you will never run of religious places here. This country houses scores of ancient temples that are designed on the same archaic architectural style. People know Nepal as a home of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest but very fewer people know that there is no dearth of other tourist destinations in Nepal.

The most popular temples of Nepal:

Pashupatinath Temple – A Religious Hindu Temple of Lord Shiva

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the most pristine Hindu temples in Nepal. This temple doesn’t need an additional introduction for those people who are following the Hindu religion. People come here to worship ‘Lord Shiva’ from diverse parts of the globe. This temple lies on the bank of ‘Bagmati’ River. Only Hindu religion people can enter in the premises of the temple while others are not allowed there and they can only observe from banks of the Bagmati Temple. This temple is also listed in the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. It is situated 5 km north of Kathmandu valley and designed in pagoda style.

Nepal Tour

Manakamana Temple – A Mysterious Hindu Temple

Manakamana temple is another popular Hindu temple in Nepal. It is situated in the ‘Gorkha’ district of Nepal. People come here to fulfill their wishes since the 17th century. Manakamana also has origin from the words “Man” means heart (soul) and “Kamana” means wish so it is called Manakamana. It is situated 106 km away from the ‘Kathmandu’ district. This temple has its mystery that you can explore during your delightful Nepal tour. It is believed that it was made when the farmer accidentally hit the stone and blood & milk came out of it, later it was declared as the recreation of a Goddess and this huge temple was made there and in present as Manakamana Temple. In the earlier time, mostly Hindu religion people go there for worship but now people of other religions are also going there.

Dantakali Temple – Goddess Sati Devi Temple

Dantakali temple is also one of the best famous temples in Nepal. Old people told that it was established when a tooth of Goddess ‘Sati Devi’ fell here when Lord Shiva was carrying her dead body and roaming here and there. “Dant” means teeth and “kali” in the form of Sati, so it is called ‘Dantakali’ temple. This temple located in the middle hill chowk of Vijaypur in Dharan.

Changunarayan Temple – An Oldest Pagoda Style Temple
Changu Narayan temple is another popular Hindu temple in Nepal. This architectural marvel was built in the golden medieval time of ‘Mall’ period. This temple is also listed in the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. It is the oldest pagoda style Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu in Nepal. It is located about 8 miles east of ‘Kathmandu’ district in Bhaktapur. Travelers from different countries come here to experience the majestic beauty of this astonishing temple. It also has some mystery against its construction but nobody knows the exact truth. A large number of people gather in festivals, culture and cultural activities that are held at this temple.

Dakshinkali Temple – A Temple of Blessing

Dakshinkali temple is situated about 13 -14 miles from Kathmandu valley. This temple is dedicated to ‘kali goodness’ and local people said that Dakshinkali Temple came into existence after goodness kali appears in the dream of ‘Malla’ king. It takes 45 min from Kathmandu valley to go to Dakshinkali and the road is spiral, so it is very difficult to go there. The Dakshinkali Temple is very significant for those who need the blessing. It is believed that the blessing of ‘goodness kali’ do their desires come true. Thus, most of the people go there to complete their wishes. It is one of the Nepal famous temples.

Budhanilkantha Temple – A Splendid Temple of Lord Vishnu

This temple is renowned as the place of peace & power. It is located about 10 km far from Kathmandu city. This temple lies at the base of ‘Shivapuri Hill’. It is another famous temple of Hindu people. Only Hindu religion people can touch the feet of Lord Vishnu lying on the snake ‘Sheshnag’. It is believed that the sculpture is founded by the farmer who was cultivating the field. Many Hindu people go there to see this splendid temple. If you are on a Nepal sightseeing tour then you must visit here and seeks the blessing of the god. It is one of the most beautiful temples in Nepal.

Swayambhunath Stupa – Hindu & Buddhist Religion Site

Swayambhunath Stupa is both a Hindu & Buddhist temple in Nepal. If you wish to witness the best of Nepal then this temple is one of the best places to get along with the spiritual beauty of this country. Its extravagant white vault & radiant brilliant tower are noticeable from all sides of the Kathmandu valley. There, chronicled records found on a stone drawing that confirms the Stupa was at that point a vital ‘Buddhist’ journey goal by the 5th century AD. It is birthplaces, in any case, time to a significantly prior era, well before the landing of Buddhism into the valley. The 15th century ‘Swayambhu Purana’ recounted a supernatural lotus which planted by a past Buddha and it bloomed from the lake that once secured Kathmandu valley. It is one of the most splendid temples in Nepal.

Janakpur Temple – Goddess Sita’s Temple

The Ram Janaki Temple is situated in Janakpur (Nepal). It is dedicated to the Goddess Sita (Wife of Lord Rama). It is said that it is related to the considerable epic of the “Ramayana” and the range had a place with the domains of King Janak. The Ram Janaki Temple is the most heavenly place for Hindu people. Various remnants of the 11th and 12th Century AD can be found here. The religious importance of this temple accommodates its stable upkeep and support. This temple is one of the most famous Nepal tourist attractions. This temple is a religious site and can be contrasted with diverse comparative locales like the Lumbini World Heritage Site and Pashupati Monument Zone of Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site etc.

Bindabasini Temple – A Pagoda Style Hindu Temple
Pokhara in Nepal is a famous goal that is loaded with a lot of charming sights for vacationers to research and a standout amongst the most common is the attractive Bindabasini Temple which is also known as Bindhyabasini Mandir. It is designed with white pagoda-style which is approximately 3000 feet above from the ocean level along with the popular Annapurna & Machapuchare mountain ranges. It lies close to the bustling Old market of Pokhara. Nepal trip is incomplete without experiencing the magical beauty of this temple.

Baglung Kalika Temple – A Famous Place for Nepali Music

Baglung Kalika temple is a famous place in Baglung, Nepal. Several tourists are going to this temple and many individuals are worshiping this temple. All of the local people believe that the Baglung Kalika is one of the greatest goddess in Nepal. Baglung and adjoining zones are wonderful places for Nepali music. The zone has presented ascend to a portion of the more noticeable names in people’s music.

Maydevi Temple – A Buddhist Temple – LUMBINI

The most significant temple in Lumbini (Nepal) is the charming Maya Devi Temple named after the mother of the Lord Gautama Buddha. This is one of the 4 most sacred places in all of Buddhism. Other famous destinations are – Bodhgaya where he got illumination under the holy Bodhi tree; Sarnath (north of Varanasi) where he gave his 1st sermon & lessons and Kushinagar where his physical body passed on. These consecrated Buddhist places are in India except for the sanctuary in Lumbini in Nepal that was found near to the Indian outskirt.

Boudhanath stupa – Tibetan Buddhists Place

Boudhanath stupa is the Buddhist temple in Nepal. It is the central point of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu & wealthy in Buddhist imagery. The Boudhanath stupa is located in the town of Boudha on the eastern edges of Kathmandu district. Bodnath was most likely worked in the 14th century after the Mughal intrusions. This temple is on the top of the list of things to do in Nepal. Today it becomes a necessary destination of journey and meditation for Tibetan Buddhists and nearby Nepalis. The spiritual aura of this majestic temple is beyond any description. Nepal tour is incomplete without paying a visit here.

Maula Kalika Temple – A Popular Traveler Site

It is located in the premises of the sacred religious site “Devghat Dham”. The Maula Kalika temple is a famous religious journey & traveler site. This place is situated on the peak around a kilometer north of the East-West Highway in Gaindakot Municipality of Nawalparasi which lies in the lap of the Narayani River in the mid-part of Nepal. It takes 2 km trek to slope upward from 3 kilometers west of Narayan Garh of Chitwan Park.

Devghat Dham – Religious Holy City

Devghat is a town in Tanahu District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal. This town is located at the intersection of the Seti Gandaki & Krishna Gandaki waterways and is one of the holiest destinations for Hindu folklore. It lies 150 km southwest of the capital Kathmandu district. Various Hindu temples and religious sites are there which is worth to visit.

Tal Barahi Temple – Best Picnic Place in Nepal

Tal Barahi Temple is a famous little pagoda-style place which is related to the God ‘Tal Barahi’. The unique structure of this temple is built of stone and has a ‘thatched’ rooftop. This Temple is on a little island in Fewa Lake. Tal Barahi is famous as most celebrated travel places in Nepal & numerous Hindu people come to venerate the deity. This temple is situated in the heart the ‘Pokhara’ valley at lakeside and beautiful sits on a little hill encompassed by the completely clear waters of “Fewa Lake”. This place is most popular as a picnic destination and one can spend the weekend here.

Pancha Kanya Temple – A Famous Religious Site

This Hindu destination is located toward the finish of the primary street of “Vijayapura Hill” at its most astonishing point in an isolated forested zone. There are 2 little sanctuaries on this site. The primary one has some lovely carvings and statues, generally speaking that it was the minimum enthralling of the 4 fundamental sanctuaries to watch in Dharan.

Kathesimbhu Stupa – Tibetan Pilgrimage Sites

Kathesimbhu Stupa is the 17th version of the well-known Swayambhunath temple and this Stupa is one of the most famous Tibetan pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is located between Thamel & Durbar Square and this stupa was constructed using the leftover materials from Swayambhunath Temple complex. It is set in a hidden courtyard that is surrounded by smaller stupas with engravings and statutes. Although, it is well maintained and intact and also included in the ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’. It was witnessed minor damages in the 2015 earthquake.

Ashok Binayak Temple – A Lord Ganesha Temple

The most popular religious site of Nepal, Ashok Binayak Temple is the destination that should not be missed. In the middle of rubbles from the temples, a small golden shrine lies at the top of Maru Tole. This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This place of pilgrimage is one of the most vital shrines in the valley. Lord Ganesha is one of the most loved gods among the local people of Kathmandu and hence this holy place has thousands of visitors every single day from all over the world.

Muktinath Temple – A Temple of Various Hindu Deities

While on your Nepal holiday visit Muktinath temple, perched at the height of 3,710 m from the foot of the mountain ‘Thorong La Mountain’ in Mustang locale (Nepal). It is one of the best religious and vacationer goals of the country. It is the holy place for both Hindu and Buddhist religions. This place covered in the small area and contains a human-sized luminous statue of Lord Vishnu known as Shri Mukti Narayana. It also has bronze pictures of Bhoo Devi (the Earth-goddess), the Goddesses Saraswati and Janaki Devi (Sita), Garuda (the mount of Vishnu), Luv-Kusha (the children of Rama & Sita) and the Sapt Rishis (7 Sages made by Lord Brahma).

Guheswari Temple – Famous Temple of Goddess Parvati

Guheswari temple also additionally spelled Guhyeshwari or Guhjeshwari is one of the respected blessed places in Kathmandu, Nepal. This temple is related to Goddess Parvati. It is trusted that Lord Shiva meandered the world assigning the collection of Sati after she consumed herself to death. Amid this procedure, her yoni (the female sexual image) fell at this place. Lord Pratap Malla assembled this temple in the 17th century. The temple name starts from Guhya (surrender) and Ishwari (goddess). Only Hindu people are permitted to enter this temple. Guheswari Temple is situated near to the famous Pashupatinath temple.

Nepal is famous pilgrimage destination with so many Gods and Goddess temples all around.
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Saturday, 26 October 2019

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Tour Packages Calculation Basis Work Outs for a Trip to Mount Kailash t?

Any package to Mont Kailash and Lake Manasarovar is going to have a cost involved, and the amount of the package mainly depends on the services that you include in it. The general cost of a trip to Ngari to visit these sacred places can be broken down into the big  and small costs, which covers the things that will be included in the package tour, as well as those that are not included. Certain items will be excluded, and will need to be paid for separately, though most of the cost of the tour is included. And the costs also vary depending on which route you are taking to Kailash and how you are intending to travel there and cover what are locations

Kailash Travel Visa & Permit

The visa and permits for a Kailash Manasarovar Yatra are mostly added costs for the traveler, though the cost of the Tibet Travel Permit and the other required permits is normally included in the overall cost of the tour.

All travelers do need a visa for China in order to get to Mount Kailash, and this is also an included component of the overall cost. For those entering from mainland China, the visa must be applied for in advance from an Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in your home or resident country. The cost of the visa depends on your country of origin, and can be found on the websites for the Chinese Embassies worldwide.

For our Kailash Packages

For the Indian nationals visa is obtained at India
For other than Indian nationals i.e., foreign passport visa is obtained at Nepal with 4 working days

Tibet Travel Permit

For travellers entering from Nepal, your Group Visa will be applied for when you arrive in Kathmandu, and our representative will be the one to handle the application on your behalf. Personal applications are not permitted at the embassy in Kathmandu, and the processing takes three working days. The cost, once again, does depend on your country of origin, and you will need to pay this to our representative when you provide your passport for the application.

The Tibet Travel Permit, Alien’s Travel Permit, Restricted Areas Permit, and Frontier Pass are all applied for by the tour operator on your behalf, and the cost of the permits is included in the cost of all of our tours. We will make the applications for all of the permits and passes you will need in Tibet before you travel or once you are in Lhasa, before you leave the capital city.

Tibet Tourist Attraction Entrance Fee

There are many tourist attractions in Tibet, and on the long journey to Mount Kailash on the plateau, you will get to visit a huge number of places, including sacred temples, stunning palaces, remote monasteries, and much more. All of the costs of the entrance to the various attractions, which are not free, are included in the overall cost of the tour.

Kailash Yatra

Tibetan & Nepalese Tour Guide Service Fee

While the cost of the guide that will accompany you for the duration of the tour is included in the overall tour cost, the actual amount varies, based on a number of factors. The main cost amount is based on the tour type that we book. On a private tour, the entire cost of the tour guide is a part of your overall costs, while on a Group Tour, you will only pay a percentage of the cost of the guide. The guide’s costs are split equally among all of the members of the tour group, which can help to reduce your costs.

Tibetan Tour Guide Service

The cost also depends on the activities that you intend to take part in whilst in Tibet. For example, normal tour guides are able to cover any normal tour that takes you from one place to the next within Tibet, as long as you are not trekking or mountain climbing. Guides for tours that include trekking usually cost more, as they are trained in many aspects of the trek, including knowledge of the route and landscape, local knowledge of the people and culture, and first aid knowledge and experience for emergencies. It is a requirement to have fully trained trekking guides when taking a trek in Tibet, which will increase the cost of any normal tour.

If you want to know more about the different costs for the tour guides on normal tours and trekking tours, then you can contact us and speak to one of our professional specialist travel advisers.

Local Driver and Tour Vehicle Cost

Another inclusive cost on the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is the cost of the driver and private vehicle. For all international tourists to Tibet, a private vehicle is required for all travel within the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), and the vehicle must have a professional driver. The cost of the driver and vehicle depends on a number of factors, including how long the tour is for, in terms of both number of days and distance traveled. The longer the tour (in days and distance), the higher the cost and tougher the terrain the driver will cost on accord to hold the landscaping risk.

Professional Driver and Comfortable Vehicle

This cost also varied depending on whether you take a private tour or Group Tour. With a private tour, much the same as the cost of the tour guide, the cost of the driver, vehicle, and fuel is paid for in full, whereas on the Group Tour, the cost is split between all the members of the tour equally. The cost of the vehicle can also vary depending on the size of the vehicle for the group. A group of four will pay for a standard four-wheel drive, split four ways, while groups of 10-12 will pay for the cost of the larger vehicle, usually a minibus, split equally between the members of the party. This can also reduce the cost of the tour with larger groups.

Yaks, Horses and Porters Fee for Kailash Kora

The cost of yaks, horses, and porters for a Kailash trek is NOT part of the inclusive costs of the overall tour. An additional cost on top of the cost of the tour, many tourists trekking around Mount Kailash do not bother with yaks and porters for luggage and horses to ride on. However, yaks and porters are available in Darchen for carrying your gear, and there are even horses that can be hired to ride along the kora route. These are normally arranged once you reach Darchen by your guide the day before you trek, and you will need to let him know at least a day in advance of your arrival if you require them.

Hotel Cost in Kailash Tour

The cost of your accommodation for the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra tour is included in your overall tour cost, though the level of accommodation can change this somewhat. Our standard tour accommodations is a comfortable hotel in Lhasa or Shigatse, which is normally a three-star hotel in Tibet. If you want to spend your time in luxury hotels while you are in the main cities, then this can be arranged and your overall cost will increase accordingly. If you prefer to save money on a group tour, then you can ask for budget hotels or guesthouses, which can reduce the overall cost.

The overall tour cost also includes your accommodation outside the major cities, in places like EBC, Saga, Darchen, and the monasteries or campsites around the kora trek. This is not really upgradeable, as there are limited accommodations outside the cities, and some can be very basic. This is allowed for in the overall cost.

Dining Cost in Kailash Tour

Meals in Tibet are not expensive, by western standards, but are often around twice the cost of the same meal type as in mainland China and other times kitchen and equipment’s are sent from kathmandu to cater the Indian Pallet .This is due to the increased cost of transporting ingredients to the high plateau. Many of the places you will stay during the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra Tour include breakfast as standard, and when you book the tour, we will let you know if your choice of hotel or accommodation does not include breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can expect to pay around 25-35 dollars per day on average, though this does depend on where you decide to eat. For private tours, the choice is up to you in the cities, though you have less choices in the remote areas. However, for group tours, most groups do tend to eat together, so agree on where to eat based on availability and the guide’s recommendations. And since there are places that have group meals on the menu, it can help you to save money.

How to Budget Kailash Manasarovar Yatra Tour Package Cost?

If you are traveling on a budget, then there are a number of ways to save money. The cost of the tour depends on the season, entry to Tibet, and many other things, which can all help you to reduce the cost to a more affordable level.

Different Time to Visit Kailash Manasarovar - Low Season to Save Money

Mount Kailash, in western Tibet, is also subject to the same tourist seasons as the rest of Tibet, which means the main peak season of the year runs from May to mid-October, and is the more expensive time of year to travel. Mount Kailash is really only open from April to November, so if you are looking for the lower cost time of year to visit, then you should be thinking of booking your tour for April or late November. Low season prices are often cheaper, even for the overall tour costs. Hotels, travel to the plateau, and other things are cheaper outside the main tourist season to try and bring in more customers for the local businesses in the low season.

Kailash Kora in May
Different Entry Cities to Kailash from Lhasa and Kathmandu - By Road or Flight

How you get to Tibet can actually make a huge difference to the overall cost of the tour. The biggest example of this is the huge price difference between flights and train travel to Lhasa. Flights from mainland China are often more than 2-3 times the cost of a train ticket from the same city, and are merely a convenience for travelers with limited time.

It can also be cheaper depending on how you plan to get to Mount Kailash, and there are three main routes to take. Overland travel from Lhasa is one of the most cost-effective option for travelers, with the overland journey from Kathmandu being the shortest way to get there. Flights to Ngari increase the cost of the tour, and you will still need to travel overland from Shiquanhe to the sacred mountain. The most costly option is to take flights from Kathmandu to Hilsa, using planes and a helicopter, and then walking over the border to be met and driven to Mount Kailash by our guide and driver.

Different Tour Activities and Highlights - Visit to EBC or Not

If you want to save money on the tour itself, you can reduce the number of additional activities, making the tour simpler and less costly. One of the most expensive reductions you can make is the side-trip to Mount Everest, visiting EBC and Rongbuk Monastery. This actually takes two days off your trip, decreasing the overall costs and added costs dramatically.

Different Way to Tour Kailash in Group or Private - Group Tour to Share Cost

Tour Kailash in Group
Private tours and group tours can also make a difference to the cost of the tour. Private tours are more expensive, as you need to shoulder the entire cost of the trip yourself. However, by choosing the Group Tour option, you can reduce the cost of the tour hugely. The Group Tours are made up of a number of individuals or couples that have booked our classic tour to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, and will be traveling together at the same time. While the cost of several items within the overall package do not change, the cost of the guide, driver, and private vehicle does. These costs are all shared among the members of the group equally, and the larger the group, the lower the shared cost. Accommodation can also be cheaper this way, if you are prepared to share a room with another member of the party (twin or multiple-occupation rooms only for members of the party of the same sex). Single room accommodation has a surcharge in Tibet, so sharing can reduce your costs too.


13-15 days may seem like a long time in Tibet and a costly experience for your wallet, but overall, if you plan well and efficiently, and are prepared to be a little prudent with your travel plans and arrangements, this amazing Kailash Manasarovar Yatra Tour can be an easily affordable trip for anyone. Making the adjustments to the tour such as taking a group tour and other cost-cutting exercises can make it a very affordable tour of the most sacred mountain on the planet.